Shoe Care Kit Saphir Patina
Shoe Care Kit Saphir Patina


Shoe Care Kit Saphir Patina

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Saphir Medaille d'Or Pommadier Cream is an all-natural cream polish suitable for all leather shoes and boots.
This polish contains 7 natural waxes including beeswax, carnauba, and shea butter. It also contains natural pine-based turpentine. Pommadier will clean, nourish and renovate fine leather. This cream polish is excellent to restore the finish of the leather and helps recolor and waterproof your shoes or boots. We recommend applying this cream polish with the Saphir applicator brush included, which is particularly adapted for the application of the creams.
The polishing brush is indicated for the gentle cleaning of suede, nubuck, and smooth leather. It gives shine to the waxes by conserving them on its natural bristles, without damaging the stitching.
The chamois cotton cloth is made of 100% natural cotton. It is perfect for applying creams on fine leathers and provides excellent shine.
  • Saphir Medaille d'Or "Pommadier" Cream 1925 Neutral,
  • Chamois cotton cloth,
  • Spreading Brush,
  • Small polishing Brush.
  • Box Size: 145 x 145 x 96 mm Made in France.
Saphir Gold Medal offers a complete and unequaled range of care products which is the result of continuous research and close collaboration with the most famous brands of shoes and leather goods in the world.
Raw materials are selected according to their efficiency, and natural products are used:
  • turpentine,
  • beeswax,
  • carnauba wax,
  • lanolin,
  • mink,
  • neatsfoot,
  • vegetable oil
This is why the most famous shoemakers and international leather goods manufacturers use Saphir Médaille D'Or for the finishing of their leather.
The regular use of these products will enable you to preserve the original patina of your leather articles, protect them against weather and help you enjoy the special craftsmanship they were made with for many years to come.