Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive my order?

On average it takes 30-40 business days for your order to arrive. All of our products are made-to-order. Due to COVID-19 Crisis, expect potential delays)

How it works:

Order placed, It takes 24hrs to process your payment.

Your order will enter the manufacturing line of production.

Once production is complete we ship it express via DHL or other carrier (3-5 days to arrive)

Periodic messages will be sent to you via email to update you about your order status.

We highly suggest opting for both email and text status updates at checkout.

Our shoes are constructed with the intention to last for years and worth every dime. Our craftsmanship takes time to produce wonderful footwear, and are handled with the upmost care. It will be well worth it and we appreciate your patience. 
Where are the shoes crafted?
Almansa, Spain 
We are in proximity to world renown brands such as Magnanni and Umber and manufacture ourselves for many global luxury brands.

Where is the leather sourced?
Our leather is sourced from CONCERIA NUOVA ANTILOPE in Italy (same crust material used by Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo, Santoni, Berlutti, Andres Sendra, among many others) Top-grain is the leather used, which is the highest quality leather available on the market.
We are also in the process of making accessible vegan leather options, which will further improve our ability to provide sustainable and environmentally friendly shoes to the world.
What craftsmanship method is used?
We use 360° Goodyear construction for most of our dress shoes & boots, which is waterproof, comfortable, & the most durable form of footwear construction.
5-7 years minimum of wears of our footwear.
For our Sneakers, we use stitched construction, a rare method used for sneakers that skillfully attaches the Margom sole, so you can wear your sneakers for a very long time.
Are your shoes truly luxury quality?
We work exclusively with the best leather tanneries and importers, that have been ethically sourced and bred. Our catalog is high grade 100% calf leather. 
Do you ship internationally?
Currently not at the moment.
Can I get my shoes custom made?
Yes you can with over 60 billion options for customization, We are your paradise of customization.  Also, if you are feeling overwhelmed, we can set up a consultation and our team will walk you through each step of the shoe designing process.
Is it normal for shoes to have imperfections?

Most definitely, no pairs of shoes are exactly the same. In fact it would be very surprising if there isn’t any visible to the human eye. All of our products are HAND MADE, meaning time and care are put into the production of our shoes and imperfections are part of the craftsmanship. While we exist in a world of automation & machines, we pride ourselves in having master artisans, who have experience & knowledge of the art of shoes and leather goods making to achieve near close perfection with human hands.