KOFFI NOIR is a footwear brand that finds its inspiration from different cultural experiences of the diaspora. From the classic vibrant colors used to paint the leather, to the construction & stitching of each pair; we craft and design a shoe that takes every aspect of the shoe making process into account when cultivating our footwear. 
 Our belief, is that one pair of shoes can set the foundation for a man's personal style and self expression. Stepping out into the world, we are dedicated to putting our best foot forward everyday and empowering our clients to do the same. Everyone deserves a pair of shoes made for them and them alone. We provide premium mens footwear, redefining Honest Luxury. 
Our mission is to deliver premium quality footwear handcrafted by the world’s finest artisans. We seek to cultivate footwear that defies trends and provides luxurious comfort. While creating authentic, relevant statement pieces that stay with you.
From Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, to Oakland, California, we welcome you to KOFFI NOIR.
    Meet The Founder: Dieudonné Brou
Dieudonné Brou is a first generation Ivorian American who grew up in Oakland California. He spent most of his early life trying to find his identity. As a young black male navigating historically marginalized communities in Oakland, California and the Bay Area, Dieudonné would soon find himself a victim of the school-to -prison pipeline. Dieudonné’s blended West African heritage & Black American experience helped shape his interest in style and fashion. 
While incarcerated, Dieudonné spent his time in search of his purpose for how he wanted to live the rest of his life. Inspired by the hard work of his father and grandfather, who were master planters in his home country of Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Dieudonné reentered society striving to be the best version of himself. Drawing on the connection between hard work and maintaining positive representation of self resonated deeply and would profoundly stand out in Dieudonné’s transformation.
After studying abroad in Ghana, West Africa in 2016, Dieudonné would be reminded of how style, culture, and community was present in every aspect of life. Dieudonné would start developing many ideas for a  company he would love to create that would connect all of those aspects, which birthed the idea to build a luxury shoe brand. 3 years later, in 2019, KOFFI NOIR was born.

As an up-and-coming shoe designer, Dieudonné wants to create more pathways into the fashion community with more representation from the Black Diaspora. He wants to explore the various ideas, creativity, and ingenuity of the global community. Offering a glimpse into the imagination of how the act of getting dressed everyday shapes how people want to be seen in the world. Dieudonné’s success has come from his passion, charisma, and life experiences that have shaped how he  envisions his existence. Through style, fashion, and love for shoes, KOFFI NOIR is Dieudonné’s offering to everyone.