NO CHASER MAGAZINE, A Contemporary Perspective on Menswear

 No Chaser is a global media brand celebrating visual arts, music, travel and culture – All things related to style. Founder & Chief Editor, Guerre “Karl-Edwin Guerre” seeks to change the narrative surrounding menswear that offers insight from different voices, perspectives, and cultural contributions we typically don’t see in the mainstream. While showcasing style as it is related to the contemporary modern man. Without a doubt, No Chaser Magazine is the place culture and style meet.

So far there are two issues out and currently for sale, Issue #1 Rebirth of the Rebellious Spirt and Issue #2 Redefining American Style.

Issue 1 features modern tailoring with Rich Fresh  and Kevin Seah. It explores cities of Atlanta and Florence, as well as Paris and Udaipur. They take behind the. scenes with Yasuto Kamoshita , and gives us a tour of Valentino Ricci of Scimat. yeah 

Issue 2 of No Chaser looks at how American style has influenced the world, how it is celebrated, recaptured the imagination of men today. While redefining what it means to be a stylish gentleman. This issue includes a diverse exploration of the people, the places and brands currently bring American style back into sartorial conversation.

Both issues offer amazing photography, articles from everyday gentlemen from various backgrounds, economic status, and culture in conjunction with industry legends that share their expertise on style.

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